Sunday, July 11, 2010

Queen Creek Arizona Family Photographer

I thinks something is to be said for the love of  Daddy's Little Girl

Something magical happens when I'm shooting a man and his baby girl that is not such a baby anymore.  He begins to realize how the timeline of life flows.  His once little miracle of life begins to take form and develop into something he now tries to keep up with.  Where he began teaching her of life's basics (crawling, walking, the big wide world, etc) now he finds her teaching him about love, life, and the importance of time. 

As he watches her gaze into the camera his heart strings are pulled. 

"This isn't my LITTLE girl anymore." 
"Where has the time gone?"
"Will she always be this happy, how can I protect her......she is my best friend."

Hats off to this Dad for understanding the magic his baby girl has to offer.  Even though she doesn't look like his little girl anymore she'll always be his.......FOREVER.


  1. Simply beautful. You have the "eye," sweetie. The creative eye necessary for photography to transcend the mediocre into the realm of the exquisite. xo AJ

  2. The ability to do somthing your passionate about is simply amazing in itself!


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