Sunday, September 26, 2010

K-Luv {Arizona Birthday Photographer}

This Birthday Boy made out well with all of his friends, family, and fun!

I did manage to sneak a few "Jillian" type photos in as well :) 

The kiddos were some of the CUTEST kids on the block!  I couldn't get over the natural beauty. 
"K-Luv"  isn't the ONLY kid who got some unexpected presents...ha! 

I love to show the expression and emotion in children's eyes.  I'm finding out that the most inspiration comes from these children I shoot.  Their spirit is so innocent and "in the moment".   I rarely get "I don't want to!"  or "I take horrible photos" or even "Oh, STOP!".  Rather, I hear: 

"Take one with my face like this!"
"Wait, take Me! Take one of Me!"
(I love it!)

Let me assure you, if you're walking around with a heavy piece of equipment like a CAMERA, it's like walking around with a neon sign saying: 
"I'm going to be taking pictures.  It's not an option for you to not participate.  You must just smile and enjoy it if you see me pointing it at you". 

I have never met a person regret taking their photos at an event. 
Photos are fun!   They capture such beauty, history, love and DEFINE Your moments.

Take it from these children, they KNOW how to have fun with pictures!!


Define You Photography

It's amazing how children can embrace the moment, suddenly their "best friends".
Define You Photography

Not a pinch of photo edits here, this is all Nat-ur-ale!
Define You Photography


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