Friday, October 01, 2010

Juvenille Diabetes Awareness Month From Define You Photography


This is exactly what I got when a photo shoot came about with this young gal!  Extra laughs and silliness.
(No complaints here!) ha
The aspiring model came equip with her friend in tow.  They were fun, energetic, and full of life!
Ever since this gal was days old the family has struggled with diabetes.  Forced to wear a permanent pump that disperses insulin throughout the day, she has faced a lot of ridicule and judgement from other children.  Even with all of the school missed, the late nights by the toilet and many hospital stays, Taiyler lives each day to its fullest.  She is facing a future of uncertainty with this life threatening disease. She is adamant about being a kid. 

Happy memories. 
Even BOYS! 
I am devoting the month of October to Tayiler and her family! 

My goal is to raise awareness of juvenile diabetes. 

Click here to support Taiyler's Troopers.

Additional information about Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes can be found HERE.  

To send Taiylor a personal message you can write to her!

She LOVES to get mail and she is diligent to respond to every single one!  She's amazing!

Click HERE for her address information.

Thank you all for your support!  Let's make this year another success for Taiyler and her Troopers!

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