Sunday, October 03, 2010

Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes often develops in children, adolescents, and young adults, so it's sometimes called

  • *Diabetes is not contagious.

  • *You cannot catch diabetes from someone who has it.
Researchers continue to study how and why diabetes occurs in certain children and families. Although there is currently no cure for diabetes, we are making progress through research. In the meantime, people with diabetes do their best to control it with diet, exercise, and insulin.

By clicking on the link above "Juvenile Diabetes" you may support this young girl's battle with her disease.  Even if each of us only donated $1.00 we will raise enough money to make a difference to children all over the world.  Your donation goes directly to support Taiyler Young on October 30, 2010 during "Walk To Cure Diabetes" in which her family participates in each year.

JDRF is closer now than ever to finding a cure. Your donation will make a dramatic impact as JDRF moves life altering research out of the lab and into human clinical trials. Typically, more than 80 cents of every dollar donated to JDRF goes directly to worldwide research and education about research.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!  (and Taiyler's too!)

Here is the information to Donate & Follow our progress.

Jillian Beedle
Team:  Taiyler's Troopers
Location: Phoenix, AZ


  1. Very cool!! I dont think people understand how hard Type one diabetes can be to control. It is a life long battle. It is something that will never go away. I will check out the link in a few!! Have a great day

  2. StarFireBoutique, you're 110% correct on that! Especially a little girl. All the teasing and questions. I remember my daughter being in 1st grade with her and telling me the kids were asking to change seats because they didn't want to catch "it". Just breaks my heart.
    Man, is she stong though! So proud of her!!!
    Thanks for checking it out, and please pass it on if you will...we only have a month left to raise this money before the walk...remember...ONLY A BUCK. :)

    Jillian B

  3. It is not vey often in life that you come across friendships that you just want to crab onto with both hands and never let go. Yet that is exactly what we have found in the Beedle family.We thank each and every one of them for their help to raise money to help find a cure for Taiyler. And we thank God for bringing them into our lives. Without friends like this is your life what would it really be worth? We love you guys, your the BEST! Rindy Young


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