Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Eats 2010

Get ready....
Get Set.....
Get a to go box!

Date night proves to continue to be the best night due to spontaneity, timing, and the fact you can still feel that "spark" after so many years!

Date night proves to allow you to $pend and not thing twice about it because you're in that moment and that's all that matters.

Date night proves to draw a different kind of attention from your sweetheart because it's "special".

Date night proves you cannot always trust your intuition when leaving older siblings home with younger siblings.

Date night proves you cannot slowly enjoy the waitress' lack of attention to allow more time to enjoy each other.

Date night proves you need to leave a MASTER KEY within reach at all times due to stubborn 4 year olds LOCKING themselves in and refusing to come out.

Date night proves to just talk to the little ones on your bluetooth because then it feels like you're not really on the phone.

Date night proves you actually need to go boxes when the food arrives on the table.

Date night proves you can leave as quickly as you humanly possibly can when needed.

and last but not least...

Date night proves when you arrive home with boxes in hand of YOUR fresh food and the pizza box that was once full is now just a crumb itself that remains, the blinds are all drawn so the children can still watch the TV through the windows, there has been 14 zip lock baggies cut and tapped on the patio door to "catch the sun", and the babies are all wreaking of sunscreen (730pm) thanks to their HAWAIIAN PARTY thrown last minute with a total number of attendees of a record breaking THREE......

Yes, Date Night proves that you are suddenly reminded that all the fun was right where you originally left it..........with all your tiniest dates awaiting:)

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