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This is my newest invention I like to call our:

This handy device is located right next to my fridge and contains valuable information pertaining to

EXP:  What's that, Husband?  You can't find your bill from yesterdays mail?

 EXP:  Moooooooommmmm, Did you sign my permission slip?
"Why yes, dear! :)  Just check your COMMUNICATION FOLDER"

EXP:  Jillian's thought to herself:
I need to remember to check the children's grades online.
(Yes, I do that weekly.)

I know!  I'll write myself a note and put it in MY

As you can see from the examples listed here the communication folder is basically a centralized location for all odds and ends, a way to communicate for the whole family and a great tool for organization!

The entire set up came to a grand total of $5.32!
And in my personal can't put a price on
Get creative!  Get handy!  Be inventive!
What are some of the cool organizational ideas you've come up with to help your family?

I guess you could call me an expert on this subject.
I have 3 children. 
All very beautiful.
All very productive.
All very motivated.
All very honest.
All very dedicated.

All of which is learned from me. 
All of the above is a lie. (Partially kidding)
Wait...please add this one to the list above before continuing to read:

*All of which never ever ever use sarcasm to gain points.

Learned from the I proud?  Heck no.  Would I change it?  Heck no. 

RULE #1:
Always give your children proper expectations. 
Example:    "Because you're arguing with me about (insert ANYTHING) if I'm right, you pay me your allowance.  If you're right, I don't pay you because you're arguing. 

RULE #2:
Be consistent.
Example:  "EVERY night your job is the dishwasher.  EVERY NIGHT."

RULE #3:
Don't be their friend.
Example:  "I don't care IF you like me...........I'm still right."

RULE # 4:
Treat them with respect.
Example:  "If you finish all of your chores, do all of your homework, and still remain civil to your can live to see tomorrow."

RULE # 5:
Don't over-explain.
This will lead to pill taking.  This is only hurting YOU.

RULE #6:
Moods are catchy.
Advise:  If you're going to remain in the closet with your "condition", please only display one at a time.  To many can confuse the children.  If you're smiles.  If you're tears.  If you're the whites of your eyes.  NOT whites of the eyes with tears and laughter.  (I was confused just typing it)

RULE #7:

E'nuf said ladies and gent's :)

**This post only reflects the completely sarcastic side of my one personality,  the humor &  part of the survival techniques.  I welcome questions, comments, and advise.  Just kidding on the advise part.  :)


  1. Well written and well said! We as moms have to be so creative in every moment of every day. And as our children grow, we have to become even smarter and move one step ahead, which needless to say, is VERY hard to do in this moment in time. Time IS speeding up (it is true, check NASA or your SANITY if you don't believe me), and we either go with it, stay stagnant, or choose to stay behind. You evidently are always moving and shaking, and I love it and I love you! You are an awesome mom, and those three children are blessed to have you.

    Namaste and many blessings!

  2. What a compliment! I do have to add that these lil ones I use for humor and business purposes (lol) are the CENTER of my universe. The reason behind EVERYTHING.
    Moving and shaking is what this Mama does best! Don't operate any other way......(check NASA and MY insanity) lol!
    Thanks for the wonderful message :)

  3. I have to add....(and brilliant words ms Jillian by the way to you)
    You may not like me, BUT YOU WILL respect me...deep thoughts by Nicole Dahl

  4. LoL, Yes Nicole...I have to be honest here....Respect is only somthing deserved when dished out. Chances are, you didn't get a whole lot of respect from me when ya did somthing dumb. If I'm not dishin it, I cannot expect it.

  5. It is totally amazing to reach the stage in life where MY words are coming out of my baby-girl's mouth to HER babies. Some of them anyway. Principles, tutorials,goals,expectations...the "hard" stuff, the ideas which THEY will take with them to survive and flourish, and pass along. The circle of Life. Beautiful


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